About Us

We provide a full service IT solution to businesses at a flat rate price. Today’s modern business relies heavily on IT to be successful. If a part of IT goes down, the business suffers. This can range from a staff member not able to complete a task on their machine, to loosing critical data due to a hard drive failure. Technically Geek IT is geared towards preventing downtime. Our method relies on a business relationship that puts us on your team. This is accomplished by providing our customers with a stable and predictable low monthly fee. Our customers are able to lower their average IT budgets and plan better for IT upgrades as their business expands.


Our Vision is to provide our Clients with the best IT experience possible.


Our Mission is to secure our Clients data and support our clients business as it grows.

Tailored Packages

Each business is totally different than others in the same industry, which means you will receive a customized package that is 100% unique, which will meet your specific needs, whatever size business or budget you have.

Ramped up productivity

Our managed IT services come with computer and network monitoring around the clock. Technically Geek IT works to keep any problems from occurring in the first place.

Predictable costs 24/7

Technically Geek IT charges a flat-rate fee to cover all your IT needs all of the time. We do not charge any extra if a server fails or if your network suddenly goes down.

We are always available

We are there for you in Fairbanks day or night, weekends and holidays to ensure your IT services run smoothly. This is why we have an unparalleled reputation in the industry for customer service.